Dedicated to learning and sharing with others the innate wisdom of sustainable living.

The mission of Ways of Wisdom is to help people learn how to live a lifestyle characterized by simplicity and sustainability. 

We began presenting workshops on this topic in 1998. In 1999 we used the Y2K issue to get people to look seriously at their lifestyles to see if they truly were sustainable. We presented six workshops that year, including two of them at the Midwest Renewable Energy and Sustainable Living Fair in Amherst, Wisconsin.
We are trying to live a sustainable lifestyle on a 144-acre farm in Northeast Minnesota near Lake Superior and the Canadian border. Our home, North Light Farm, is a demonstration site for appropriate technologies. We recently completed construction of a 24' diameter yurt so we could investigate if this type of building would be a viable low cost housing alternative for our county. We have the first grid-intertied wind energy system in our area. In 1995 we received a grant from the Minnesota Department of Agriculture to design, construct, and demonstrate a means of collecting and utilizing rainwater to irrigate a large organic garden. The garden not only produces food for our family but has also grown produce and herbs for sale to restaurants, resorts, and the local farmers' market. Further information about North Light Farm and its sustainable systems will be available soon on this web site.
Ways of Wisdom is currently completing a study of five families in Northeast Minnesota who are living a sustainable lifestyle. This work is funded through the Northeast Minnesota Sustainable Development Partnership. The results of this study will be written up in a report and also presented in workshops. The first workshop was presented at the Midwest Renewable Energy and Sustainable Living Fair in Amherst, Wisconsin in June 2001. If you are interested in learning more about this case study work you can click the Case Studies link on the navigation bar. This link will take you to web pages with information on the project's background, goals and methodology. There is a photo gallery with images from the site visits made to the homesteads of the five families in the study. The photographs are organized by life support areas such as energy systems, heating, housing, and food systems. Each picture identifies the participants and has a description of the image. For further information on the Northeast Minnesota Sustainable Development Partnership click the Contacts Page link on the navigation bar.
If you would like additional information about Ways of Wisdom and our workshops please e-mail us at info@waysofwisdom.com or click the Contacts Page link on the navigation bar.

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