Ways of Wisdom offers workshops and farm tours to individuals and groups interested in sustainable living. If you would like to schedule a workshop presentation or farm tour please contact us for information on our fees. The costs for our services and tours are based on peoples’ ability to pay. Presentations and tours are available on the following:

§       Case Studies in Sustainable Living: Findings from this research project include characteristics of a sustainable lifestyle, pros and cons to this way of living, and steps people can take to live a more sustainable life.

§        Living in Uncertain Times: This workshop was prepared and presented in 1998 and 1999 using the Y2K concerns to get people to seriously look at how they are living. This workshop shows how sustainable living is a flexible lifestyle that can adjust to unexpected circumstances. These circumstances could result from the loss of a job, unforeseen expenses, and natural or human events out of our immediate control.

§        Home Food Systems: This presentation covers both electric and non-electric food storage, stocking up, getting control of your food supply, local food sources, and home gardening.

§        Northern Climate Organic Gardening: Our home, North Light Farm, is located on the North Shore of Lake Superior. We have developed a large organic garden using raised beds and drip irrigation. We also have the experience of constructing and using an inexpensive greenhouse, composting organic matter, and utilizing different types of gardening equipment.

§        Water Collection, Storage, and Utilization: In 1995 we received a grant from the Minnesota Department of Agriculture to design, install, and demonstrate an innovative way to collect, store, and use roof and pond water to irrigate a large organic garden. Our well, that is 400 feet deep, is very low capacity and can’t be used to water the garden. This workshop uses photos to show the construction of the system and discusses how to calculate water catchment area, pump sizing, and drip irrigation design.

§        North Light Farm Tours: Farm tours are available that cover our 3000 watt grid-intertied wind generator system, water collection and storage system, the organic garden and greenhouse, drip irrigation system, cold closets for food storage, house heating systems, and resource, water and energy conservation practices.

§        Nesting Bird Yurt: In 2000 we constructed a platform and erected a 24-foot diameter Nesting Bird yurt. Tours are available of this unique form of housing and include photographs of the entire construction process.


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